Movement, Kinetics, Film (The Shadow Drone Project)

Post performance/ screening talk. Charles Linehan in conversation with Professor Jonathan Owen Clark



Abstract: In this joint presentation and film showing, Jonathan Owen Clark and Charles Linehan discuss recent work of the latter that utilises drone technology (presented at Brighton Festival 2016 as a work in progress). This work raises a number of important issues and concepts that relate the praxis of choreography to visual art, film and more general definitions of what defines the ‘choreographic’ at all. The presentation will touch on three themes:


1. When we talk about choreography today, and in the relation between choreography and screen dance, Linehan’s recent films may provide clues as to a certain direction of travel, namely the extension of the ‘choreographic’ via the deliberate juxtaposition of planned and random elements, to both natural and non-human kinetics;


2. Thus automatically brings into play questions about reception. In addition therefore, what can we say how such films are experienced and received? Here we will use ideas from affective and embodied cognition, and from film and visual arts theory; what can these films say about these same theoretical approaches to contemporary art, especially digital or internet-based art?


3. The drone technology involved in making these films has obvious connotations with illegality and surveillance, but how are the films also examples of perhaps a new type of political art?