The Shadow Drone Project


Available for Touring 2017/18

The Shadow Drone Project is an exciting and versatile initiative that offers opportunities for performances, screenings, installations, talks and workshops; the main feature being a new duet integrating film projection and choreography performed by Robert Clark and Samuel Kennedy.

Sited in civic and natural environments and filmed from an unmanned aerial vehicle (a Phantom Drone) the film presents a juxtaposition of prescribed choreographic events and the manifestation of everyday human activity. Shot in morning, or late afternoon, sunshine the aerial point of view offers a unique cinematic perspective whereby shadows of people or objects are often revealed to be more present than their actual form.


“The effect? Strange, almost alien, and beautiful."
The Times on Shadow Drone film. May 2016


A Quarter Plus Green


Available for Touring 2017/18

Ideas of transformation are applied to movement, light and sound. Six performers are slowly submerged in Richard Skelton’s escalating wall of sound and distilled environments are undone by the overlapping of choreographic episodes.


Dancers: Lorea Burge, Robert Clark, Greig Cooke, Antonia Grove, Henry Montes, Samuel Kennedy.


Sound: Richard Skelton, James Keane.


My Mother's Tears


My Mother’s Tears mines the personal history of William Trevitt and Michael Nunn (BalletBoyz) performing classical ballet mime from The Royal Ballet repertoire with unpredictable consequences. Drawing on their repertoire, Linehan plays with its language and context to create a work that is both poignant and irreverent.