The Shadow Drone Project


The Shadow Drone Project is a recently researched, and developing, collaborative film project between choreographer Charles Linehan and Lithuanian photographer Karolis Janulis.

It premiered on the opening night of Brighton Festival 2016 as a work in progress.


Recent screenings:

6 November 2016: Light Moves festival of screendance. Limerick Ireland

26/27 November 2016: side.kicks festival, guests and friends, Schwere Reiter Probenraum 80636 M√ľnchen.



Transfer Laban


Transfer Laban is a temporary architectural installation with site-specific performances in collaboration with artist Wolfgang Weileder. A full-scale replica of the facade of the Trinity Laban Building was re-created as a performative time-based sculpture at Montgomery Square in Canary Wharf. Over a period of two weeks the process was synchronised so that the construction and de-construction was choreographed sequentially, the replica of the building is materialised although never in its entirety.


20 performances with eight dancers took place in July 2016.


An installation integrating filmed and live choreography along with the stop motion film of the time-based sculpture is scheduled to be shown in art galleries in the UK and continental Europe in 2017.


On Balance


An interactive choreographed event in response to Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren’s installation at Fabrica, Brighton Festival 2013 involving written instruction for members of the public and eight dancers. The event involved a range of distinct, layered and overlapping choreographic environments with an overarching structure that allowed for both the disparate and unpredictable to co-exist within prescribed and responsive choreographic direction.





Installation Scwere Reiter, Munich


STANDPUNKT.e - "welcome to my world" with Charles Linehan.

An installation of personal artifacts, photos, film and choreography










Film. Preludes and Fugues


Set to Shostakovich’s work for solo piano Preludes and Fugues was shot on a Pixelvision (PXL2000), a toy black-and-white Fisher-Price camcorder that was produced in 1987 and uses an audio cassette to recording moving images. Dancers Greig Cooke, Henry Montes, Rahel Vonmoos. This was one of the outcomes of the main Jerward Award for Choreography 1998.